Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Marzano Thinking Skills

Wow I forgot how exhausting the beginning of the year can be!  Just wanted to share a goal of mine for this upcoming school year - to be better at questioning! I made examples of different types of questions I can ask during whole group carpet time (during read alouds, etc.) and guided reading groups. They are based off of Marzano's 7 thinking skills: knowledge, organizing, applying, analyzing, generating, integrating, and evaluating. I plan on putting these on a ring and keeping them by my small group and carpet areas. Hope you can find them useful!

You can get yours here!


Unknown said...

This is awesome. This was one of the things when I looked at our new rubric for evaluation that I knew I needed to improve in. Thanks so much for sharing.

Alicia Lochridge said...

So cute and such a practical reference! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

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Sue said...

Thank you so very much! I will surely be using these cuties.

Christina said...

I LOVE your questioning guide!!! I am a first year teacher and this resource is wonderful! In our class, we are trying to encourage the children to question each other, so I will put these on a binder ring to model for their own use! The only thing I noticed was on the "Generating" page, I think it is supposed to say "Imagine how life would be different if _____." Amazing job though!

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