Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lucky Ducks

I saw this idea from Growing Kinders and fell in love with it! She has sticks in a can that she draws names from and calls it her "lucky duck" can. I made my own version of it:

The paper I used is from a scrapbooking paper pad from Hobby Lobby. I bought it a few days ago for 50% off (so it was around $8 for the whole thing) and the best part about it is that the paper is made a little bit longer to have a bumpy border edge! I love bumpy borders and you can cut it off to use for something else and the paper would be back to regular scrapbooking size.

I don't remember where this next idea came from but one teacher painted her sticks 2 different colors so that after you call on someone, you turn their stick around and it's a different color so you know who you've called on. I've been using it for a few years now and works really well.


Nicole said...

2 colors on the that just makes sense! I will be making this soon!

The Kinder Kid

Kerri Buckner said...

I've been using the sticks for as long as I've been teaching but never the two colors. I love that idea. Thanks for sharing.

peppermintpatti said...

I use the sticks also. Dollar Tree has small multicolored ones. I use my sticks a lot for choosing partners for "buddy reading" or for math games. The colors mean different things, but the children don't know that. For instance, the yellow ones might be my students w/IEPs who need to be partnered with a higher ability student. Since we regroup for reading I have 2 different sets, one for homeroom and one for reading class. The kids love the "BUDDY STICKS". Sometimes, I let my Teacher Assistant of the Day choose the sticks.

Anonymous said...

Super idea. I use pop sticks in 2 is for kids that have been chosen alreaddy and the other one is for kids who still need a turn. BUT, I always forget (from transition to transition) which is which and then my whole plan is off kilter! This idea will be great! Thanks again.
Mrs.Miner’s Monkey Business

Tanya said...

☺ Tanya
First Grade is Fantabulous!

Julie said...

I was just like Krissy - with the two containers! And I would forget which also! Love the idea of the two colors! I am going to get busy painting tomorrow morning! Thanks!!!

Kathleen said...

Thanks for linking back to my blog! I appreciate it!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of painting the sticks two colors! My sticks are usually all over by the end of the day!! ha!

Teaching 123's & ABC's said...

Love the 2 color stick idea! I am going to "steal" that idea!!! I use sticks too but have to buckets to put mine in so now I will only need one! Thank you for sharing such a great idea!


g said...

Love you blog! Love the sticks! Where did you get the funky sticks?

Judy Lau said...

Glad y'all can use it!
@G - I got the sticks from Hobby Lobby :) They have everything.

CharsStuff said...

WOW thanks so much I just made this for my class, no-one will go under the radar anymore.

Char :o)

Dancing into First said...

Thanks for the idea! I made some of my own with paint sticks from a paint store :)

Check mine out, I've linked to you on my blog!

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