Thursday, March 15, 2018

Math Manipulatives Labels 2.0!

I was going through some old posts and noticed that a popular favorite was my Math Manipulatives labels. I also noticed that a lot of people were having a hard time downloading it and getting the pictures to show up, so I have recreated a NEWER and BETTER version!

Meet Math Manipulatives Labels 2.0!  You can find this freebie at my Teachers Pay Teachers site HERE.

I've included a pdf version as well as an editable PowerPoint version. If you are interested in using the same fonts, please download KG Sorry Not Sorry, and KG Always a Good Time. My only request is that you rate this product and my store! Thank you in advance!

The 5 pages of labels include:
- pattern blocks
- unifix cubes
- snap cubes
- tangrams
- links
- counting bears
- attribute blocks
- geoboards
- geoblocks
- dice
- dominoes
- colored tiles
- money
- cards
- ten frames
- counters
- counting chips
- geometric shapes
- base 10 blocks
- Cuisenaire rods
- number tiles
- number lines
- hundreds charts
- magnetic numbers
- mini clocks
- legos
- color cubes
- fractions
- rekenreks
- spinners

Thank you for your support!


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Teaching_Fairy said...

Wow this looks great!!

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