Thursday, June 30, 2011

Writing Stickers

I use these stickers for when I am conferencing individually with the students. I call them stickers but I just cut them up and tape it on their writing pages (you can always print them out on a full page label paper). The first one says "Way to cut up your words!" A lot of people usually call it "stretching out" your words but my students had a hard time understanding that concept one year so I introduced cutting up your words (just another way of getting students thinking about phoneme segmentation.)
Other stickers say:
Love your word wall words!
Nice sentence stopper!
Awesome finger spaces!
Super color details! (we talk about using a lot of colors to make our drawings look real)
Great picture details!
Wow! 2 or more sentences!
FANTASTIC JOB with everything!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Alphabet Flashcards

Click to download lowercase letters flashcards.
Click to download capital letters flashcards.

I made these flashcards to go along with our alphabet chant we do every morning (A, /a/, apple, B, /b/, bear, etc.) We usually point to the letter on a chart and say that chant but these flashcards helped tremendously with my students who had a hard time focusing on an individual letter when looking at the alphabet chart. At first I would put the letters in order, some days doing capitals, some days lowercase and then eventually I would mix up the letters. It got to where we made a game out of it to see how quickly they could name the letters out of order (I mixed the capitals and lowercase letters together). 

I gave each student their own set of flashcards (see below) to practice at home. I told them the real challenge is knowing the letter without having to look at the picture, which is why I made the puzzle lines separating the picture from the letter. They could even play a game at home matching the correct picture to the corresponding initial sound letter.

I put this in the students' take-home folders.

All the pictures for these letter flashcards correspond with this alphabet chart I bought:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Math Manipulatives Labels

3/15/18 UPDATE!! 
I'm so sorry it took a few years, but it seems like people are having a hard time downloading the word format with pictures SO...I recreated the original document to now include FIVE pages of math manipulatives, and made it a powerpoint document as well as PDF. If you would like to change it up, the fonts I used are KG Sorry Not Sorry, and KG Always a Good Time. Again, this is a FREEBIE, and you can find it on my Teachers Pay Teachers site here.


Summer's the best time to get organized! I have 3 pages of labels like the image above. Click on it to download. For some reason the pictures look a little grainy when you are viewing it through Google Docs. The quality is much better when you download it. Please leave a comment and let me know if you would like the word document for these labels so you can change it around and add what you need. The font is called tweed and can be found here. Happy organizing! :)

8/11/13 UPDATE: I have uploaded the .pdf file of the Math Manipulatives to my TPT store for free. Sorry for all the inconvenience! You can find it here.

Update: Here is the link to the Math Manipulatives Labels Word document. I hope it comes out ok.
@Martha-Carol - I have a hard time finding borders I like as well, so the easiest thing to do is create your own! The border you see here is actually just a word document shape. I made a rounded rectangular shape and when you format the object, here's what it looks like:

Hope that helps!

Daily 5 Posters

Click on the image to download these posters. Thanks to the fabulous Deanna Jump for the font and inspiration to create these posters. I have also incorporated the clipart from Tammy's Blog so I am calling these posters a mash-up of great ideas.
I am thinking about putting these posters up along with the corresponding anchor chart so the students will have a picture icon to go with each. Another idea is to have the students' names on clothespins so they can clip their name on the daily 5 station of their choice. This is a bit difficult for me because I have 4 Daily 5 sessions in a day and the students are not allowed to go to the same one twice in a day. I would love to hear how you guys let your kiddos choose their daily 5 stations!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Daily 5

It is quite unfortunate that I decided to create this blog AFTER I have packed up my classroom and the kiddos are all done for the year. I do have, however, some pictures of Daily 5 in action. This past school year was the first year we have implemented Daily 5 as a school and to be honest, I was hesitant replacing my literacy centers. After a whole year I was amazed at what the students were able to do. Here are some pros:
- MUCH less preparation - the same 5 stations (I have a few new activities every week)
- the students are extremely independent so reading/writing groups are uninterrupted
- it is quiet!
I could really go on and on but the book explains it all. I would recommend watching the DVD especially for Daily 5 in Kindergarten.

Anyhow, here are a few pictures I took:

You can see the students are engaged with what they are doing. At this table some are doing listening to reading and one girl is practicing writing on the dry-erase board. The students are allowed to sit wherever they like.

He is at the writing station with a picture dictionary.

I was fortunate enough to have 4 computers in my room so I set them up as a part of the Listening to Reading station on Tumblebooks. All I had to do was log in to the computers and the students were able to do the rest (open up a browser, find Tumblebooks from the  Bookmarks Bar, enter in the username/password for Tumblebook and pick a book of their choice!)

Here is one of my writing groups during Daily 5.

Here is the Word Work station. In the beginning of the year I laminated all the students' names and they used playdoh  to form their names. You can also laminate sight word cards well.