Sunday, November 11, 2012

Light 'em Up again!

Last year, I posted about a random act of kindness idea I found from the blog, Lil Light O' Mine. I created a classroom version and each day we drew an act of kindness idea from the jar. The kiddos LOVED it and reminded me about it daily. This is the time of year where the students are getting a little too familiar with each other and no longer in the generally-friendly-towards-everyone phase. It was the perfect reminder on how to be kind! I especially loved how they carried some of the ideas on even though we were on a different day (some kids ended up throwing away a friend's trash from the cafeteria every day).
Anyway, after collaborating with the genius behind all of this, Lil Light O' Mine, we came up with the following: (click on the picture to download this document with all the classroom ideas our classroom worked on last year)

These are ideas for Kindergarten, but I would love to hear how you implemented your own version of this in your classroom! 
For more information on the Light 'em Up program (and many, many more ideas) please go visit Courtney over at her blog, Lil Light O' Mine.  She is amazing and has a LOT of resources (freebies and printables) on how to get this program started with your family within your community. 

All it takes is one classroom to make a huge difference at your school! HAVE FUN!


Jessica said...

What great ideas! I was just thinking about how I can incorporate this idea into my classroom so this is perfect. I can't wait to start!

The Littlest Scholars

Alyssa said...

Was just reading Lil Light O Mine and brainstorming how I could do this at school with my 3rd graders...then stumbled across the link to your blog. LOVE IT! Thanks for the ideas of how to apply it with students!

Primary Paradise said...

Thank you so much for the ideas. I can't wait to use them in my classroom.

Kinderaffe said...

Thank you for your list of ideas. We did it, too. Our classroom used candy canes the students colored and numbered. The best one was having them make a holiday decoration, cut it out, and then hang it on a classroom door... anywhere they thought it would be fun! Loved all the "knee high" decorations. So fun. Check out my blog at

Happy New Year.

Belledancr - becky said...

Hi Courtney! My daughter and I shared this experience last year with our community. This year we are still doing our community project again but I also have gotten my daughters first grade teacher to do this for the month of December in her classroom. Can we please have some logo art for the classroom?. She has a side window to the door to her classroom and I can decorate it for the other teachers and students to see what we are up to!
Thank so much, this is such a blessing!

william said...

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