Tuesday, March 13, 2018

New Literacy Station Idea: Clip It, Flip It, Check It!

Happy Spring Break, everyone! I wanted to share with you some literacy station games I made that I am currently using with my sons at home, and it is a big hit!

Meet the Clip It, Flip It, Check It games:


I introduced the "Blends" game cards to my son (Noah) today and he was able to pick it up fairly quickly. It took me a while to settle on what to focus on with blends, and I finally decided on the total number of sounds.


After going through each picture with Noah, he had to say each word out loud, count on his fingers the number of sounds he hears while saying the word slowly (ex: /b/ /e/ /n/ /d/ -- 4!), and place a clip on all the pictures with 4 sounds. The first card took a bit of practice, but by the time he went on to the second card, he was getting most of it independently.

My favorite part of this game is the self-checking piece on the back. When Noah finished placing all the clips on the game card, he flipped the card over and his eyes lit up when he saw that he was correct on all of them!

In the classroom, I would highly recommend having a buddy check the back for them so they can still make corrections without already knowing the right answer.

All the Clip It, Flip It, Check It! games come with worksheets to reinforce the learning and to hold students accountable at each station.

Come check out my TPT site for Clip It, Flip It, Check It! games for initial sounds, CVC medial vowels, and blends/h digraphs.

I also bundled them all together for one convenient download so that this station can be easily differentiated!

Thanks everyone! :)


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