Monday, September 19, 2011

Daily 5 - Word Work

I think Word Work is my favorite Daily 5 choice to introduce. The kiddos LOVE choosing it and there's a lot of variety in what they can do (just check out the picture below!). 

I have a hard time getting the students to call this station "word work" instead of "playdoh" :)
The big oil drip pan is GREAT for having the students sort magnetic letters. I got the idea off of pinterest and it was super easy to make.  I put magnet tape on the back of the letter headers but if I could do it over I would use tape instead so the students can't get them out of order. 

Here are some pictures of them in action:

Letters from Lakeshore Learning

letter sorting by diff. fonts

Playdoh names! They can make their own name or a friend's. 

Playdoh names and playdoh cookie cutter letters

File folder game

file folder game

Environmental Print match-up (you can also play this as a memory game)

building words/names

When I first introduced this station, I had every table group (I have 3 table groups) assigned to a different word work choice. Ex: I had group 1 work with magnetic letters, Group 2 work with playdoh names/cookie cutters, Group 3 work with the file folder games, environment print and letter font sort. After every group had a chance to work with each of the tools, I let them choose whatever they wanted.
As the year goes on I switch a lot of games out and put in new games/puzzles.

The letter headers for the oil drip is an already-made dj inkers set.
Environmental Print cards are free printables from Hubbards Cupboard.

Good luck with your Daily 5!


Tara said...

These look great!!! I wanna be in your class!!

4th Grade Frolics

First year kinder teacher said...

Wow! These are great activities!! What font do u use to make the students names for the playdoh mats?
Thanks for sharing : )

Katy said...

Love this! I wish we could do Daily 5... it looks so fun, and WAY less planning for the teacher! :) We're still kicking it old school with the basal reading series... ;) Thanks for sharing that link to the environmental print cards - that will be a great game for my games center! :)

Kindergarten Katy

Judy Lau said...

Thanks! @First year kinder - the font is just a "word art" on microsoft word!

Emily said...

I love the play-doh names....I am going to use names before sight words now! :)
I gave you an award - head over to my blog to check it out!

Anita said...

I love your I've nominated you for the "I Heart Your Blog" Award! Thank you so much for inspiring me in my teaching. Please visit my blog to accept your award.


Nicole said...

Oh I can't WAIT to get to Word Work now! We're getting there, slowly.

I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award here. Thanks for being such a great resource!


Karen said...

Your word work activities look so much fun and educational! I went on-line to Lakeshore to look for the letters you have in different fonts, but was unable to find them. How long ago did you buy them?

Judy Lau said...

Karen - I tried looking online as well and it's not there! I bought them 2 years ago. If I see it again, I'll let you know!

Unknown said...

What font did you use for the play dough mats? Please email me at

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