Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Classroom Management Linky Party

Miss Kindergarten is hosting a classroom management linky party and at our school we also have something similar to the volume control she mentions, except ours go from levels 0-4. Our Kindergarten team got together to take pictures of ourselves modeling the voice level (kind of hard to do!) and made a little poster out of it. We hang it in our rooms and use a clothespin to clip it to the level we want the students to be using during that time/activity. The kids responded really well to it and they got used to the language really quickly ("Show me a voice level zero!")

The hardest one to model was voice level 1 whisper. A lot of students come to Kindergarten not really knowing what a whisper is so we do a simple experiment. They touch their throats while talking in a regular voice to feel the vibrations. Then I tell them to whisper while touching their throats. They'll know they are whispering correctly if they don't feel any vibrations at all. So in the Voice Level 1 picture we have a teacher "checking her throat" to make sure she is whispering.

Another classroom management tool I use is having pictures on popsicle sticks. All I have to do is hold up a picture and students need to follow exactly what it says. It's handy because I can pull it out and not even have to interrupt my lesson!


Miss Kindergarten said...

OMG, I love, love, love the little posters on the popsicle sticks! I can just see you holding up a stick in the middle of a lesson! lol! Thanks for linking up! :)


Miss Kindergarten said...

and HAHAHHAHAH I just read your blog name and subline! Cracked me up!

Judy Lau said...

Thanks! :) first time linking up and I love it!

Jennifer @ Simply Kinder said...

OMG... love that line too! Hilarious!

I so the same pictures as directions. I need to post those. I have them for everything.... get your folder, be in line, get your marker boards. I have ELL's, in AZ we group by language and last year I had 2's which means they did not understand me. So I relied a lot on pictures. I kept them on magnets though and stored them on the back of my easel. I like the sticks though. I may have to add those. When I would hold them up I would cover part of the picture. =) Thanks for sharing!

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Patti Wilson said...

Our school behavior plan will begin using numbers to represent voice levels. I introduced my students to it at the end of last year and was amazed how fast they caught on! I love your poster and was wondering if you could share a saved file that I can print out.



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